Poultry Portioning Machine


Intelligent Portion Cutting Machine for Poultry

The Marelec Portion Cutter is a high precision yet economic portion cutting machine. It is suited to fresh products such as fish fillets, whole fish, meat and poultry products. The machine offers fixed weight or fixed thickness portioning with a capacity of up to 1000 fixed cuts per minute.

A product is fed on the infeed belt. A three dimensional laser scanner then calculates its volume. A preset weight and shape frame is selected from the program menu. The portion computer then calculates where to cut. An optical checkweigher can optimise the precision with changing product characteristics.



Portio Dual Angle 30° Poultry Angle


Achieve a Natural Look

Portioning under angle allows you to achieve a natural look on sliced poultry portions. It’s fast and simple for operators to change the cutting angle from 0 to 30 degrees or 45 degrees without the use of tools and slicing under angle does not compromise the speed and accuracy of the Portio.


Cleaning & Maintenance

The machine can be completely opened for easy cleaning. The belts can be taken out for seperate cleaning.

For maintenance, easy obtainable spare parts have been selected. This guarantees lowest possible maintenance costs. All motors and encoders are situated away from the wet area, which ensures a long lasting lifetime.


  • PORTIO 3: 3 camera system for highest accuracy with round objects 360° view
  • Marelec MC1: checkweigher for precision optimisation
  • Marelec M: grader for fixed weight packages
  • Marelec OH1: software for order handling
  • Marelec APH: product holder
  • Marelec BH1: back holder

PORTIO application2

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