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Whatever the scale of operation, be it small local butchery or large scale processing the craft of butchery is still as strong as ever.  Beyond incredible knife skills, butchers are required to understand the vast array of meat cuts from each animal, how to manage and prepare those cuts, identify the best cuts for purpose and turn the meat into the product that we all recognise on a butcher’s counter or supermarket shelf.

As designers of meat processing equipment, it is crucial that the team at SF Engineering afford the time and to learn the fundamentals of this craft. By understanding butchery practices; how meat is prepared and cut as well as the physicality’s of handling such large flanks/sides of meat, we are able to build processing lines that are more efficient and ergonomic.

Just as the butchery trade is often handed down from generation to generation, when new employees join the team at SF Engineering, we also take on the responsibility to pass this knowledge on.  Under the watchful eye of Shaun Fairweather from Fairweathers Butchers & Deli in Mirfield, Jonathan Browne, Proposals Engineer and Richard Atkinson, Projects set about their butchery training course.

During the course, they learnt the following skills and techniques


  • How to choose good pork based on appearance
  • Diverse cuts of fresh pork and their culinary uses
  • Simple butchery techniques and knife skills
  • Hand cutting
  • How to tie a joint for roasting


  • How to choose good lamb based on appearance
  • Diverse cuts of fresh lamb and their culinary uses
  • Simple butchery techniques and knife skills
  • Hand cutting,


  • Mincing
  • Mixing
  • Linking techniques for sausages

Cutting Pork Side Image

Pork Joint Rolling

Sausage Making Image

Observing the training was Richard Smith, General Manager and Jason Hilton, Territory Sales Manager who joined them on the day to brush up on their skills and to discuss the practical application of how these techniques are undertaken on large scale production sites.

It was an enjoyable day at Fairweathers Butchers & Deli, everyone learnt a great deal during their training. Their new found understanding and appreciation of the butchery trade will now serve them well as they undertake a host of future projects at SF, such as boning hall solutions, pace line design, yield control and portioning & grading systems.

For information on any of our Meat Solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us:

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