Boost efficiency during BBQ season with flexible solutions


From May through to September it’s no secret that consumers in Western Europe whole-heartedly invest in BBQ season. For food manufacturers, this window of opportunity is perfect to capitalise on new product lines to add extra value to raw material.  However, this can often lead to a juggling act where manufacturers need to be increasingly flexible, firstly to ensure they remain labour efficient and secondly to continue achieving optimum yield.

As well as maintaining existing production lines, the requirement for shorter production runs of BBQ related product lines fluctuates greatly (depending on the all-important weather conditions). Without flexibility, producers are often faced with frequent product changeovers which take time to set up as well as increased labour requirement during clean down times. 

Being able to quickly respond to short production runs doesn’t have to be time-consuming and expensive. Production lines that are multi-functional and machinery that can quickly adapt to rapid product changeovers ease the pressures of these seasonal peaks and troughs. 

We have put together some examples of machinery and processing lines that can offer impressive efficiency, greater yield and save valuable set up and clean down times.

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