Callan Bacon and M&M Walshe

Bringing Home the Bacon

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The SF team assisted long term customer Callan Bacon in streamlining their operation and improving production flow at their renovated Kilkenny facility in Ireland. The new layout has proven to be far more efficient and cost effective than the previous one.

Run by brother and sister John Walshe and Geraldine Clohessy, Callan Bacon and M&M Walshe have become two of the key pork production houses in Ireland. The family run businesses have grown and expanded over the years, moving away from primary manufacture to value added processing of pork and bacon products.

Expanding business called for new plant in 2009

Callan Bacon are trade partners with many of the leading retailers in both Ireland and the UK. With business booming at the end of the last decade, John Walshe decided to extend his Callan Bacon processing facility in 2009 building a new processing and dispatch area and a new reception area.

The new factory was designed to accommodate his own growing operation and incorporating the growing business at M&M Walshe in Limerick. Callan Bacon concentrates on the consumer end of the market supplying fresh meats to retailers in Ireland and the UK. The company produces a range of products with different brands, including the well known Truly Irish brand, for which they make a range of traditional Irish rashers.

Strong partnership

Having established a strong working relationship with SF Engineering in the past, Callan Bacon contacted the team at SF to assist with the development of a new layout and production design. The result: a new and improved processing plant that truly brings home the bacon.

Efficient production flow

Focusing on improving efficiency, throughput and yield, the team designed a smooth product flow, going from raw to finished product in one process. This streamlined production flow has made all the difference. Product handling was minimised, yield has increased and overall efficiency has improved significantly.

No operator packing system

The packing end of the production is completely automated, requiring no operators. What’s more, SF and Callan Bacon have easily achieved the line speeds required at the front end of the packing hall. Controlled by SF’s high speed conveyors, five packing lines converge into one via an automatic converger that delivers the product onto a single lane ready for labelling.

Labels up to 60 packs per minute

The Ishida Weigh Price Labeller more than keeps up with the fast pace, applying labels simultaneously to both top and bottom of the pack at the rate of up to 60 packs per minute with minimum operating costs and label waste. Product and labels changeovers are easy and cleaning is simple. All these features combine to significantly reduce payback.

Real time yield control

Data on every pack from the labeller is fed directly into the company’s control system, providing valuable real time yield control. Label changes can also be done very quickly thanks to Ishida’s unique label cassettes.These allow the operator to prepare all labels for the next production run in advance.

Efficient Operation

With the help of SF Engineering, Callan Bacon currently runs one of the most modern and efficient processing lines in Ireland. The factory is Bord Bia and BRC approved, supported by a full traceability and HACCP system.

“Congratulations to John and Geraldine on the phenomenal growth and success of their business. It has been a pleasure for SF to be at the forefront in supplying hi tech equipment and we are delighted to be associated with a brand as progressive as Callan ” Seamus Farrell, SF

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