Cranswick of Norfolk

A New Pace

Cranswick of Norfolk to Install New Pork Primal Cut and Butchery Paceline System from SF Opal

SF Opal would like to congratulate Cranswick Country Foods on their recent acquisition of Bowes of Norfolk, now Cranswick of Norfolk, which now belongs to one of the largest pork processors in the United Kingdom, dealing with major multiples and the foodservice sector. The Norfolk company has become an integral part of the Cranswick expansion which over recent years has made strong inroads into export markets throughout Europe and the Far East while still satisfying a strong competitive home market.

New Pork Primal Cut and Butchery Paceline

As one of the two fresh pork producers of Cranswick Country Foods, Cranswick of Norfolk has contracted SF Opal to supply a new Pork Primal Cut and Butchery Paceline System to its facility. Building on a long successful relationship between Cranswick Country Foods and Opal, now SF Opal, this agreement enables SF Opal to provide a long term valued customer with a top-of-the-line pork processing system and any after sales support and services they might need.

Up and Running in 2010

The new agreement will deliver more production lines to Cranswick of Norfolk, enabling the company to maintain their already recognised high quality standards in pork production. The new lines are estimated to be up and running by the end of the year, enabling the company to increase yields and enhance production throughout the process.

Strong Long Term Commitment

“We’ve had an excellent working relationship with Cranswick Country Foods over the years, and we are very happy to see this project off the ground as both parties have put in a lot of time, effort and hard work to getting it to where we need to be in today’s market,” says Jon Christie of SF Opal. “Our reliable systems have performed year in and year out to the satisfaction of all our customers. It is important to us to be able to continue providing Cranswick and others with reliable, robust lines that enhance their operations.”

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