DivillysSmart Detection

The new intelligent THS 21 metal detectors from CEIA guarantee the brand security needed for Divilly’s move into new market sectors.

For decades Irish pig meat processor Divilly’s has produced high quality cooked ham, bacon and sausage under their own brand for the deli market. With a strong brand and a well known product the owner Brian Divilly decided to take their much acclaimed product to the supermarket sector. The move required a new processing line and some new technology to ensure success.

New processing line

Divilly’s invested in a new factory extension and a new high speed pork line for their product innovation. SF Engineering is proud to have supplied Divilly’s with top-of-the-line metal detection equipment from market leader CEIA to ensure their brand security. THS 21 performs the tight-spec inspection Divilly’s were looking for to secure their new product line.

High-performance metal detection

“We were impressed with the performance of the new THS 21 and installed two detectors on the new pork line,” explains Michael Forde, Divilly’s Production Manager. “The detector is exceptionally accurate and we are getting everything we want out of the application.”

Sensitive, accurate and easy to use

These highly sensitive metal detectors are immune to environmental interference, thus guaranteeing the precise readings needed in the meat processing sector. The units are simple and easy to use. Simple operating controls feature presets for 500 products.

Automatic learning & tracking

This smart application not only detects contaminating metals, including ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel with unprecedented accuracy but includes an auto-learning feature that greatly improves the entire detection process. Auto-learn selects the correct frequency band for the product at setup, and then tracks and reacts to product effect variations during production.

Ideal for multi-product lines

The THS 21 metal detector provides excellent results on multi-product lines, where the individual products have very different conductivity characteristics. The wide pass band of the metal detector allows operation at maximum sensitivity at both slow and fast speeds.

Premium performance

“We are very pleased with the performance of our new metal detectors,” says Forde. “They are in keeping with the rest of the high quality equipment that we have invested in and have performed wonderfully for our new range. We are confident that we are delivering a secure, high-quality product to the supermarket shelf.”

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