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Efficient Ishida traysealers and accurate and reliable checkweighers & metal detectors deliver the right packing quality for expanding chilled fresh vegetable producer.

Mash Direct, manufacturer of Ireland’s leading quick-serve mashed potato, vegetable and cabbage products, has installed several cost and time saving packing solutions from SF Engineering. Available in most major supermarkets, Mash Direct vegetables are grown, steam cooked and packaged on the farm and distributed throughout Ireland and the UK as well as being exported to Scandinavia and Europe.

Packing Quality & Consistency

This innovative food company has grown from five to fifty employees in only six years, earning multiple awards along the way. “The business has grown 35-40% a year and we’ve got two production lines. We’ve built a lot of our own equipment in order to get the right consistency for the mash but we needed outside suppliers to provide equipment for the packing end of the operation,” says Neil Houghton, General Manager of Mash Direct.

“That’s where we’ve been in contact with SF Engineering who have supplied us with one of the best tray sealers we’ve seen and a very accurate and efficient set of combination metal detectors and checkweighers.”

Close Seal Control & Higher Line Speed

Product innovation has driven the automation of the Mash Direct facility as fresh products with no artificial additives, preservatives or colourings need fast and efficient processing. “From chilling, the trays go to an Ishida 775 sealer which has worked really well for us,” says Houghton. “The sealer has given us more consistent seals than before. It has also increased our line speed allowing us to reduce our working time.” The Ishida’s QX-775 tray sealer suited Mash Direct’s needs perfectly with the good speed and inside cut profiles it provides. “We like the close control it keeps of the seals,” says Houghton. “We get very good peelable seals with the Ishida sealer due to good temperature control and consistent seal force, on other equipment we tend to find the seal control is more difficult.”

Small Footprint of Checkweigher & Metal Detector

Ishida’s DACS checkweighers with a Ceia metal detector have proven to be fast, accurate and cost-effective. It was important for Mash Direct to maintain both their pack weight accuracy and high QC standards while also reducing giveaway.

“We find the combined checkweigher and metal detectors to be very good; one, because they’ve got a small footprint and we haven’t got a very big factory and two, they tend to be very reliable. They give us good information about the weight and any metal contamination that might occur,” says Houghton. “The machines provide us with excellent weight information and a final check for metal inclusions. We’ve seen them do very well over the last two years.”

Good After Sales Service & Support

“SF’s after sales service is good, which is very important to us as we have very few engineering resources,” explains Houghton. “You find out the real calibre of a supplier when things get tough, SF have worked with us well through some difficult situations and we respect them for that.”

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