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Ishida multi-head weighers deliver the accuracy and speed needed for high throughput potato weighing and sorting at the Meade Potato Company

Located outside Navan, Lobinstown, Co. Meath, Ireland, the Meade Potato Company is one of the country’s leading growers, packers and distributors of fresh Irish produce and potatoes to the major multiples north and south of Ireland. Offering a high quality range of potatoes, vegetables and salads, fruits and organics, MPC grow and pack their produce to the highest quality standards.

“We also pride ourselves on helping the environment by choosing the most environmentally friendly packaging and packing equipment to keep Ireland a more cleaner, greener environment,” explains Robert Devlin, General Manager of MPC.

Choosing the right equipment

For a company that handles approximately 25,000 tons of potatoes per year, it is imperative that their processing equipment is fast, efficient and accurate. “For the past six years we have partnered with SF Engineering to help us choose the most efficient and productive packing and weighing equipment that fits our needs,” says Devlin. “We have installed top of the range continuous multi-head weighers which ensure productivity levels are at their maximum to fulfil the mass volumes of our orders.”

Leaders in multi-head weighing

Ishida multi-head weighers provide the speed, accuracy and efficiency required by MPC on their fresh produce lines. Ishida is a leader in multi-head weighing technology. The company’s weighers maximize packaging performance with solid mechanical designs and top-of the line weighing technology, delivering unsurpassed accuracy and productivity.

Robust and reliable

Champions of high speed weighing, Ishida’s multi-head weighers are robust and reliable in all conditions. Suitable for different environments, from weighing and sorting on the farm to high-throughput packing facilities like the ones at MPC, the multi-head weighers increase productivity while reducing giveaway. The most advanced weighing technology meets a solid, durable build quality in these versatile, flexible weighing and sorting applications.

Partnership with SF Engineering

“SF Engineering are a very innovative team which offers a high quality product, service and support. We also have a dedicated team of fitters in-house. They have had a huge input with the SF team in choosing and designing our production line layout,” says Devlin. “We hope to keep our long term partnership with SF into the future to keep Meade Potato Company a leading fresh produce supplier to the ever increasing demands of our customer base.”

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