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Welcome to the third issue of In Sync! We continue bringing you the latest updates from the SF camp where successful customer installations go hand in hand with innovative R&D developments.

In this issue of In Sync we bring you updates on our UK operation where a much needed expansion is under way. Another important development is one of the most exiting things to have come out of our joint operation: our new R&D initiative! This is where innovation leads the way to new and improved production systems that we aim at releasing in 2010. I am also happy to announce that Cranswick of Norfolk recently signed an agreement with SF Opal for a New Pork Primal Cut and Butchery Paceline System that will enhance operation at their state of the art facility.

Our main feature focuses on Loughnane’s, one of Ireland’s largest sausage and pudding producers, which partnered with us for their new purpose built facility in 2005. We are proud to work with such an innovative company that has continued to contract SF for systems as they work on new product and packaging adaptation and the development of innovative products for both the foodservice and consumer markets.

We’ve also been busy expanding our Ilapak product range to include horizontal flowrappers in addition to the already successful vertical range we supply from them.

I hope this new issue of In Sync clearly demonstrates that all of us at SF Engineering and SF Opal are dedicated to working in sync with your needs!

Seamus Farrell, Managing Director

Innovation in Action – New SF Research and Development Initiative

SF Engineering and newly acquired SF Opal have established a new research and development initiative that focuses on innovative production solutions under the SF brand name. The combined know-how and expertise of both companies enables us to solve more intricate technical challenges than before and develop new applications as well as new versions of tried and tested equipment. The SF R&D program is currently developing brand new production solutions with early testing delivering promising results. Watch this space as SF Engineering announces release in 2010.

A New Pace

Cranswick of Norfolk to Install New Pork Primal Cut and Butchery Paceline System from SF Opal

SF Opal would like to congratulate Cranswick Country Foods on their recent acquisition of Bowes of Norfolk, now Cranswick of Norfolk, which now belongs to one of the largest pork processors in the United Kingdom, dealing with major multiples and the foodservice sector. The Norfolk company has become an integral part of the Cranswick expansion which over recent years has made strong inroads into export markets throughout Europe and the Far East while still satisfying a strong competitive home market.

New Pork Primal Cut and Butchery Paceline

As one of the two fresh pork producers of Cranswick Country Foods, Cranswick of Norfolk has contracted SF Opal to supply a new Pork Primal Cut and Butchery Paceline System to its facility. Building on a long successful relationship between Cranswick Country Foods and Opal, now SF Opal, this agreement enables SF Opal to provide a long term valued customer with a top-of-the-line pork processing system and any after sales support and services they might need.

Up and Running in 2010

The new agreement will deliver more production lines to Cranswick of Norfolk, enabling the company to maintain their already recognised high quality standards in pork production. The new lines are estimated to be up and running by the end of the year, enabling the company to increase yields and enhance production throughout the process.

Strong Long Term Commitment

“We’ve had an excellent working relationship with Cranswick Country Foods over the years, and we are very happy to see this project off the ground as both parties have put in a lot of time, effort and hard work to getting it to where we need to be in today’s market,” says Jon Christie of SF Opal. “Our reliable systems have performed year in and year out to the satisfaction of all our customers. It is important to us to be able to continue providing Cranswick and others with reliable, robust lines that enhance their operations.”

Recepie for Success

SF Engineering Helps Renowned Sausage and Pudding Maker Loughnane’s Produce the Best Bites for the Breakfast Table

Quality sausage and pudding made with the best natural ingredients are the pride of Loughnane’s, one of Ireland’s largest sausage and pudding producers. Creating some of the most natural, high-quality sausages and puddings in the country takes expertise and experience. Mix in some forward thinking, leadership and wise investments and what you end up with is the Loughnane’s recipe for success.

The company produces a range of products for both domestic and export, retail and foodservice markets, in chilled, frozen, raw or pre-cooked formats. Driven by a keen sense of future trends in the marketplace, Loughnane’s have focused on new product and packaging adaptation and the development of innovative new products. The company is currently developing an exciting new meatball product that will be launched soon. Loughnane’s development and production take place at their state of the art facility in Galway.

Good Preperation

When Loughnane’s started to design their new production facility two years ago, they looked at a myriad of suppliers and finally decided to partner with SF Engineering. Loughnane’s felt SF would help maintain the taste, bite and quality of three generations of sausage and pudding making, using the most modern process and packaging solutions that would create added value, give them competitive advantage and increase their overall efficiencies and profits.

“We needed a partner who could meet our exact requirements and provide us with the right mix of equipment for our flexible production,” explains Eoin Loughnane, Loughnane’s Product Development Director. “SF Engineering assisted in the development of our sausage production systems at our new purpose built factory. SF not only supplied us with the tailor made conveyor solutions we needed to fit our existing equipment into the new space but also incorporated new machines and a full hygiene control system.”

SF not only supplied us with the tailor made conveyor solutions we needed to fit our existing equipment into the new space but also incorporated new machines and a full hygiene control system.

Eoin Loughnane, Loughnane’s Product Development Director.

The Best Ingredients

SF’s challenge was to create production lines that would give Loughnane’s the flexibility they needed to manufacture a large variety of product. Everything from individual retail packs – both for their own brand and for well known supermarket brands – to bulk fresh or frozen sausage lines for food service and restaurants needed to be integrated into a seamless production flow. To support this flexible, high-speed operation SF provided Loughnane with the right combination of equipment from different brands, all tied together with SF custom conveyor systems.

A multihead weigher from Ishida – the world leader in weighing technology – ensures high-speed operation with unparalleled accuracy and reliability for the sausage and pudding line while an Ishida checkweigher ensures products remain within specification every time. CEIA metal detectors were installed for stringent quality control working seamlessly with Ishida’s checkweighers. Loughnane’s opted for the Ilapak packing solution for the perfect form filled and sealed bag applications as well as a full range of Roser hygiene applications, floor drains, hand sanitizing units as well as entry and exit controllers.

Mixing it Right

Loughnane’s investment in new production and process technology has created the flexibility the company needs to maintain its high-quality, innovative product range. “We have seen excellent business growth since moving into the new facility” says Daire Loughnane, Managing Director. “The payback has been good and we’ve found a reliable, solid partner in SF Engineering and they have delivered to our satisfaction.”

“The installation ran really well and we integrated old and new equipment into an efficient, highly productive layout in the new plant, “says Seamus Farrell, Managing Director of SF Engineering. “Since the initial installation we have continued to work with Loughnane’s to help optimize their production needs. All the team at SF are very proud to be associated with Loughnane’s and be able to provide them with the robust, reliable products and services they need.”

We needed a partner who could meet our exact requirements and provide us with the right mix of equipment for our flexible production

Eoin Loughnane, Loughnane’s Product Development Director.

Signed, Sealed Delivered

Ishida’s total sealing and weigh-price labelling solution deliver the perfect pack

The tried and tested sealing, packing and labelling applications from Ishida are some of the best performing range of equipment SF Engineering offers to its customers. When food safety and increased shelf life must go together with weigh-price accuracy and high-performance, Ishida equipment can be trusted to deliver. Ishida offers a range of flexible traysealers that are able to handle packs of almost any shape or material, and fast and efficient tray denesters that reliably separate nested trays and accurately place them on the filling line at up to 120 trays per minute. Ishida’s WPL series of weigh-price labellers provide state-of-the art weighing technology with accuracy and high-speed printing.

High-Quality Inside Cut Seal

Ishida traysealers deliver high-quality seals, such as the wellknown inside cut seal, which help to make consumer products more appealing. They also provide significant reductions in film usage. Features to be found in the Ishida range include integrated checkweighing for superior quality control, sealing only, gas flushing or vacuum gassing and on-line gas analysis for precise control of atmosphere. Designed for rapid changeover, with quick and easy tool change, the Ishida Traysealers are easy to set-up and operate for maximum operator productivity.

Quick, reliable deployment of tray types

Our tray denesters offer high speed and efficiency, combined with simplicity and low maintenance to offer rapid payback. They are compact in size and deliver trays with reliability and consistency at the speed of 120 trays per minute or more. Flexible and easy to use and clean, the tray denesters are capable of handling trays of any shape or material, with inter-tray spacing as low as 0.1 mm.

Fast and accurate Weigh-Price Labelling

The WPL series can handle a wide variety of pack formats and comfortably apply labels to irregular and awkwardly-shaped products. Compact and hygienic, the Ishida weigh-price labellers are easy to operate and clean. Standard features include a unique label cassette system which speeds up label size and format changes and a new long-life thermal print head system which ensures maximum time between head replacements. Top and under-labelling options are available in these modular, flexible applications that allow further printers to be added when needed. SF offers the Ishida traysealers and weigh-price labellers with a full range of ancillary equipment.

Full Support

Expert Installation, Maintenance and Training Support

With a seasoned installation team and service crew that has seen it all, SF Engineering knows how important expert installation and after-sales service are. The company offers a cost-saving maintenance and quality sales support system that includes installation and maintenance support as well as a full training program and spare parts services for all of its products.

Wrapping it up

SF Engineering teams up with Ilapak to offer their highly successful Carrera and Delta horizontal flowrappers

Versatile, flexible and incredibly reliable, the Carrera and Delta range of horizontal flowrappers from Ilapak have proven to enhance operations and deliver high quality wrapping across a range of sectors. These exciting series of flowrappers are designed for a wide range of applications enabling SF Engineering to offer its customers an ever broader spectrum of packaging solutions.

A Growing Partnership

Across the food and non-food industries Ilapak is one of the most experienced and fastest growing manufacturers of industrial wrapping machinery for primary packaging utilising flexible wrapping materials. “As one of the world’s leading packaging companies Ilapak is always looking to expand either by growing its own structure or through forming lasting partnerships,” says Mike Butler, Ilapak Sales Director. “With SF Engineering Ilapak believes they are the partner we need in Ireland to help develop and grow the Ilapak brand.”

Tailor-Made to Meet Your Needs

“We are very happy to be able to add Ilapak’s horizontal range to the already successful vertical range we offer from them,” says Patricia Molloy, SF Engineering Sales and Marketing Manager. “The Carrera and Delta flowrappers are tailor-made to meet specific application requirements and enable us to meet a growing demand from our customers.”

The Carrera Family

Ilapak’s Carrera series is comprised of a full range of different models; from the entry level Smart Machine and the popular Carrera 2000pc to the innovative, high-performance Carrera 4S specially designed for cards, capable of producing four sided seals at 700 packs per minute. The Carrera covers everything from bakery to fish, meat and poultry, from chocolate and confectionery to fresh produce and from snacks and tortillas to cards and medical devices.

The Delta Family

The Delta family has been developed to meet the ever increasing demands for hermetic sealing in industries such as pharmaceutical, dairy, bakery, fish, poultry, meat and produce. The precise engineering of these machines ensure hermetic sealing, even at high speeds. With its diverse range of models from the small inverted Delta 500 to the Delta 3000LD and LDR, Ilapak is well equipped to meet the demands of these markets.

SF are the partner we need in Ireland to help develop and grow the Ilapak brand.

Mike Butler, Ilapak Sales Director

UK Expansion

SF Opal expands to meet increasing demand

Following the successful integration of Opal into the SF Engineering family, the UK based company will expand and renovate their premises in Huntington, Cambridgeshire. The new premises will house a much larger production facility that will enable SF Opal to fill its ever increasing order book with efficiency and ease.

More Production Capacity

“We needed to expand, both in terms of our premises and our staff. Our production capacity will be greater after the expansion, helping us meet the increased demand we’ve been experiencing,” explains Johannes Gunnarsson, General Manager. “We are also in the process of expanding our sales department and the scope of our R&D which has benefitted greatly from the co-operation with the mother company in Ireland.”

Strengthened Sales and Service Operation

As SF Opal moves into a new phase of development in England, UK customer will see a strengthened sales and service operation with shorter delivery times and increased production power. “Our strategy is to expand the company with care, focusing on maintaining operational stability and excellent customer relations,” says Gunnarsson. “We feel energised by the great reception we’ve had from the industry and the new premises are one of the tools needed to better serve our clients.”

Roser Crate Washer TL-235-P

This affordable machine is capable of 500 crates per hour manually loaded/unloaded by one operative. The compact size of the machine fits comfortably into the production area allowing continuous flow of clean crates throughout the day.

  • Fast, efficient and easy to use
  • Compact in size – superb in performance
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Accurate water filtering system
  • Heavy duty construction

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