• Container Washing Machines



    If you require optimum hygiene during your production process, it is important that your containers are thoroughly cleaned, only then you can ensure a hygienic process with little effort at low cost. If you have standard containers or company specific containers; UNIKON® can clean them all. That is the advantage of customization.

    We tailor your container washing based on the type of container you use and the quantity you want to wash. There are companies that only need to wash a few containers every day in a manually controlled container washer; we also supply washing machines that are capable of washing higher volumes of containers per hour, fully automated. Some Companies wash only one type and size of container while others wash various types and sizes. Even when choosing components, we can help and take into account your preferences (for example for reasons of standardization).

    No matter what your wishes are, because we build your UNIKON® container industrial washing machine fully designed to your needs and suitable to fit into you logistic process.

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