• Crate Washing Machine



    Do you use crates and you need enough clean crates to be available for your daily demand? After a quick and thorough cleaning that meets your hygiene standards, the crates should be back in logistics and manufacturing ready for use to meet this demand.
    The solution is a UNIKON® industrial washing machine for crates.

    Perhaps you only need a manually controlled crate washing machine. UNIKON® has developed ideal solutions for washing crates. Maybe you want large numbers of fully automatic crate cleaning. Therefore we also have the right washing machine for you. It does not matter what your requirements are we offer complete customized solutions including; Industrial washing machines for one type of crate or different types, for small or large crates; for light or heavily contaminated crates; stand-alone or fully integrated into your production system. Even when choosing components, we can help and take into account your preferences (for example for reasons of standardization).

    Discover your UNIKON® industrial washing machine solution today by contacting us directly for a tailor made quotation for your needs.


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