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For over 35 years, SF have designed and built high quality processing line solutions for the Meat Industry. From Slaughterhouses and Butchery sites to Further Processing facilities, all our solutions are specifically designed to:

  • Minimise waste.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Increase yield.

Our partnership with a leading global equipment manufacturer such as Marelec has further enhanced our product portfolio enabling us to deliver greater efficiencies to your business.


This intelligent portioning machine uses lazer vision technology to accurately decide the optimum cutting pattern of a product before portioning which reduces waste and increases yield. Capable of making up to 1000 fixed weight cuts per minute, The PORTIO can do the job of up to 5 people when operated at capacity.

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Our Butchery & Boning Hall Solutions deliver efficiencies throughout your process.


We design, build, manufacture and install the following:

  • Pork Butchery Systems – To improve quality, traceability and throughput.
  • Lamb Butchery Systems – To optimise labour, improve yield and throughput.
  • Beef Boning Lines – To improve yield on primals and reduce floor space requirement.
  • Pace Lines – To increase capacity and achieve better yield.
  • Multi-Tier Boning Lines – To maximise use of floorspace.
  • PAD Lines with Yield Capture – To increase yield and optimise labour.
  • Fat Analysing – To improve line efficiency and achieve real-time results.
  • Primal Weighing & Grading – To optimise throughput and improve ergonomics.

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