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€250 Million Worth of Projects in 63 Countries

May 18th, 2018 / No Comments » / by SF Engineering



Seamus Farrell


Since 1983, SF has installed €250 million worth of projects in 63 countries across Europe, North and South America, Russia, the Middle East, and Australia. Today, we employ 110 high-skilled staff in Ireland, the UK, and the Czech Republic, who design and engineering complex production solutions for the food sector.

This feature, written by Enterprise Ireland has dubbed our success as the #irishadvantage. Read the full article here




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The Portio Portioner takes on Legacy Machinery

May 2nd, 2018 / No Comments » / by SF Engineering


Legacy machinery could be costing food manufacturers more than they realise. The SF Scrappage Incentive is a direct response to our customers’ most commonly reported pain points – that is out-dated and unserviceable legacy machinery.

Developments in technology, regulation and concerns around labour requirements are putting growing pressure on food businesses.  Investment in production and capex are key drivers for growth because automation brings increased production output, improvements in product quality and reduction in waste.  It also helps solve skills and labour shortage, allowing the workforce to focus on areas where it would add more value.

We selected the Marelec PORTIO, an intelligent portioning machine, for the 6-month Scrappage Incentive, due to its energy savings compared to competitors, low cost of ownership, low water usage and high yield and ROI. 

To illustrate the savings that are achievable with the PORTIO, we set up a head to head trial, pitching the PORTIO against a legacy machine within a customers production site. As you can see the results confirmed a significant saving in yield and labour requirements, offering a payback within a 7-month period.


The Portio v's Legacy Machinery - Trial Results


To calculate how much you will save by upgrading to the Portio, contact our team today:

Call Ireland: +353 (0) 71 9163334

Call UK: +44 (0) 1487 740131



The SF Scrappage Incentive is exclusively for companies in the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

To qualify for the incentive and receive €15,000 off a new Marelec PORTIO, simply trade-in your old protioner with SF Engineering before 31st July 2018.

Offer runs from 1st February to 31st July 2018 inclusively.

Full terms and conditions are available on the website


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SF Scrappage Incentive

March 5th, 2018 / No Comments » / by SF Engineering


Legacy portioning machinery could be costing your company more than you realise. The speed and accuracy of the machine are quantifiable, but the unexpected downtime could cost significantly more, especially if you are having problems sourcing spare parts or service engineers.

This February sees the launch of the SF Scrappage Incentive, a 6-month initiative to encourage UK and Irish food processors to trade-in their old legacy machinery and get a significant discount off the price of a new high-performance Marelec PORTIO. Effectively offering free money for new technology, much like the UK government-sponsored car scrappage scheme.

Developments in technology, regulation and concerns around labour requirements are putting growing pressure on food businesses.  Investment in production and capex are key drivers for growth because automation brings increased production output, improvements in product quality and reduction in waste.  It also helps solve skills and labour shortage, allowing the workforce to focus on areas where it would add more value.

“We recognised that industrial food processing suffers from especially high downtimes which is a crucial factor in production output, product quality, reduction of waste and ultimately company profitability.” explains Seamus Farrell, CEO of SF. “Our Scrappage Incentive is in direct response to our customers’ most commonly reported pain points to provide support where it is most needed – that is out-dated and unserviceable legacy machinery.”

The Marelec Portio is suited for fresh, boneless meat products, fish and poultry. Different product fixation systems are possible such as knife types, camera systems and belt type. The SF Scrappage Incentive scheme will run until 31st July 2018, subject to stock availability and any make or model is eligible.

To find out more call : Ireland: +353 (0) 71 9163334 or UK: +44 (0) 1487 740131 or email: info@sfengineering.ie or info@sfengineering.co.uk





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Raising the Bar on Mid-Range Multihead Weighers

September 11th, 2017 / No Comments » / by SF Engineering


Ishida is launching a new series of mid-range multihead weighers for the high performance weighing of free-flowing and semi-sticky products for a large number of dry, fresh and frozen food applications.

The new Ishida RVE range is available in a wide choice of models – including 10, 14, 16 and 20 head models – together with a broad selection of radial troughs, hoppers  (from 3 to 7 litres) and discharge chutes.  This enables the weighers to be tailored to individual product requirements with models available for mono-mixed product (handling up to four different products simultaneously) and multiple-outlet weighing, and from small to large target weights. Speeds are dependent on model and application and can reach 120 weighments per minute.

Key to the excellent performance of the new RVE weighers is the introduction of several advanced technology features from Ishida’s top-of-the-range RV multihead weighers, including programmable digital filtering and advanced automatic feeder adjustment.  In addition, critical components such as loadcells and drive units are exclusively designed and manufactured by Ishida to ensure high performance standards are maintained.

An important benefit of the RVE range is that all models are pre-configured for the new generation of ‘smart’ factories and are available with a choice of packages incorporating Ishida’s pioneering Sentinel™ remote customer care software.  This provides users with the options of automated daily reporting of production line data, remote interventions or a live performance monitoring service.

In addition, along with the proven robust construction of all Ishida weighers, the RVE WP models offer a unique ‘dew sensor’ and ‘temperature sensor’ option for the live monitoring of moisture ingress or extreme temperatures during production.  Any problems, for example caused by a door cover left open or the failure of a loadcell membrane, will be immediately detected and flagged up on the weigher’s Remote Control Unit (RCU) or as part of Sentinel™ monitoring.  This allows fast intervention to protect companies against unnecessary downtime and help deliver enhanced maintenance and longer machine life.

The weighers also feature a new high-processing speed ROHS-compliant RCU (Remote Control Unit), with intuitive simple-to-use controls for fast set-up and adjustments.  The clear and easy-to-read screen prevents operator errors and simplifies procedures to help minimise downtime and maximise production efficiencies.  Plug and play USB data import/export and Ethernet connectivity ensure easy data management.

“The new RVE range represents a major step-forward in the provision of advanced multihead weighing solutions at a competitive price,” comments Ian Atkinson, Ishida Europe’s Business Manager – Multihead Weighers.

“The speed, accuracy and reliability of every model will ensure they deliver a fast return on investment.”





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UK Portioning & Grading Demonstration Month

January 31st, 2017 / No Comments » / by SF Engineering




 Put Our Portioning and Grading Solutions to the Test


Now extended to March

We are inviting you to the SF Engineering UK site to put our portioning and grading solution through its paces. During your exclusive visit, you will receive a one-to-one demonstration of the Marelec Portioner and the Marelec Compact Grader.  These solutions are specifically designed to bring efficiencies into your production process that drive yields and profits.


You will have the unique opportunity to test your own products on both machines, enabling you to see real results and evaluate the true impact these solutions will have on your own production processes. You will receive a full factory tour and our experts will be on-hand to give you guidance and advice throughout the day.


 Portioning Machine - Portio 3

Intelligent Portioning

  • Intelligent, ultra-fast portioning
  • Fixed weight or fixed thickness
  • Pre-programmed calibration
  • Up to 1000 fixed weight cuts per minute

Find out more here


Compact Grader

Compact Grading

  • Simple one-piece robust solution
  • Batch by size or number
  • Gentle grading
  • Easy to programme

Find out more here


At SF Engineering, we have been designing and building high quality processing line solutions for the Meat, Fish and Poultry Industry for 35 years. Our partnership with a leading global equipment manufacturer such as Marelec has further enhanced our product portfolio enabling us to deliver greater efficiencies to your business.

We challenge you to put these solutions to the test. Book your exclusive demonstration now.  Email info@sfengineering.co.uk or call the office on +44 (0) 1487 740131.

This event has been extended due to a high number of demonstrations booked throughout February.



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