Orbicote – Continuous Marination System

Marination: adding diversity and value to your product range


With the trend to convenience foods showing no sign of slowing, marination continues to offer one of the simplest paths to adding value.

Traditional marination-before-portioning has two major problems: it coats portioning equipment, such as weighers, with sticky marinade, and it leaves to chance the amount of marinade that ends up in the pack with each weighed portion. With marinade often costing twice as much as the product pieces it is meant to coat, this is a serious drawback.


Orbicote from Ishida: a new, waste-avoiding route to rapid and effective marination


Orbicote is a revolutionary approach to automating the marination process while controlling more carefully than ever before the amounts of product and marinade that go into each pack.

How Orbicote works

With Orbicote, weighing takes place before marination. Each multihead-weighed portion is channeled into a mini-drum where it is tumbled with a set dose of marinade, allowing it to take up a thorough coverage before the entire drum contents are cleanly ejected into the packing system.

How is it possible to do this at sufficient speed to keep up with the output of a multihead weigher?

This is achieved by having up to 12 mini-drums close together in an orbital arrangement, synchronised with the weigher and with, for example, a downstream tray filling system.

A highly effective approach to marination.

Comprehensive testing was carried out to discover the optimum mini-drum configuration, drum rotation speed and number of rotations needed for thorough coating of product pieces with marinade. As part of this programme, product pieces were examined by food industry marination specialists and assessed for degree of coverage (i.e. marinade adhering to the surface). In 500 tests, the Orbicote mini-drum system met or exceeded their rating of satisfactory coverage.

The Orbicote’s versatility helps you meet varying retail needs and demand levels.

Benefits of the Orbicote.

  • Makes costly sauces go further.
  • Secure loading of products and sauce into mini-drums.
  • Gentle handling delivers product to pack in top condition.
  • Easy-to-clean, allowing rapid changeovers.
  • Simple and safe to operate.
  • Rapid marination that immediately transforms your factory’s capacity.



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