Line and Weight Control Software

SF Engineering are currently developing the latest dynamic weighing technology, using a fast microprocessor weighing control system to accurately weigh individually separated products over a modular belt conveyor.

Our software and conveyors have been cleverly designed so we can use the same technology to monitor the throughput of a continuous flow of product such as pelagic fish.

Dynamic Check-Weighing

Our dynamic check-weighing software has both minimum weight and average weight options. Production statistics can be produced either locally by printer communication and / or data collection via flash card storage or sent remotely on to the customers PC for reporting.

Configuration and Product PLU data are stored in non-volatile memory, ensuring no data loss during power failure. The software interface is intuitive and self-explanatory for the operator to control. The system is easy to set-up, it is easy to calibrate and has a comprehensive diagnostics help system, minimising the amount of time you need to call on the engineer or reach for the instruction manual. Our Dynanic Check Weighing system is also designed to meet the requirements of the major supermarkets.

Dynamic Grading

The new flexible grading software under development is built on the robust SF-Flow Weigh system successfully installed at a number of UK client sites.

The new grading software has the ability to grade individually separated pieces of product in to packs. The system is capable of achieving tolerances suitable to meet the requirements of the ‘pre-packaged goods regulations’. It does this by accurately monitoring and weighing products over a weighing conveyor and selectively processing the individual pieces to make up accurate pack weights. The products can include battered or breaded fish fillets, chicken pieces or meat escalopes, for example, and are graded by weight or ‘weight and count’ in to a holding bin. They are then automatically released on completion of the pack target weight. An under-conveyor takes the batches to an operator to place carefully in to tray and sold as fixed-weight packs.

The advantages for selling fixed-weight packs over minimum weight packs are huge, but the difficulty lies in accurately weighing the packs without giving away too much product. This is where our new Dynamic Grading software will benefit the processor by optimising product give-away to a minimum, reducing double handling of product and giving a fast ROI.

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