Fat Analysing

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Fat content or chemical lean (CL), as it is commonly known is one of the most important parameters to control in the meat industry; it is as important for cutting and boning plants as it is for manufacturers of processed meat products.

With CL percentages used by the meat industry to establish product pricing, knowing the actual lean point of recipe batches and meat portions enables meat processors to capitalise on the true value of their product.

Fat Analysis

At the center of each solution is the Eagle Fat Analyser. Using Dexa Technology the machine is capable of inspecting 100% of throughput in real time, providing in-depth reportable analysis within +/- 1CL. This non-invasive system provides lab accuracy at the speed of normal production.

Fat Analyser


Built-in Contaminant Detection

The Fat Analyser also works as a contaminant detector, alerting you to a wide range of hazardous materials including metal, calcified bone, stone and glass.


Unlike other methods of Chemical Lean testing, the SF Fat Analysing solution is not limited to boneless, ground meat. The system is capable of inspecting all meat – whether fresh, frozen, bulk, blended or packed in cartons. In addition to this the technology is not affected by freeze/ thaw plant conditions, foil or metalised film or meat conductivity.

SF Fat Analysing Solutions

Our ability to incorporate fat analysing technology into the unique processes of each butchery and processing plant sets us apart from similar systems. Our indepth knowledge of this industry combined with our customisable solutions ensures we are offering our customers innovative systems with the best return on investment.

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