Fillet Line


In the Fish industry a good fillet line is essential to ensure you achieve maximum yield. You want a well designed process that:

  • Enables you to achieve maximum yield;
  • Runs efficiently with little downtime and low operational costs;
  • Automates most of the process and minimizes manual intervention;
  • Has seamlessly connected components that you can operate as one integrated line;
  • Provides real-time monitoring of operational performance;
  • Lets you meet your customers particular requirements quickly and easily.

Moving to an automated solution like the SF Fish Profit Line will bring your fish processing facility to the next level. Having the ability to capture and record staff efficiencies and monitor and trace each product batch, ultimately makes for a more efficient production solution, yielding return through detailed information.










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Our design team can specify and select the optimal combination of technologies to meet your requirements and physical plant layout. We can supply, install and integrate all the hardware and software systems you need to run your operation. All of our systems are reliable, clean, easy to operate and efficient. Apart from our own excellent proprietary systems we also supply and install systems from Ishida, Ceia and other leading partners in food processing technology.

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