Grading and Labelling

The food industry is hugely competitive which means there is constant pressure to accelerate production and automate steps as fully as possible. Automating Grading and Distribution during food production drives throughput and productivity. The latest “weight and vision” grading systems, can grade food products at high speed without manual intervention enabling those products to be distributed correctly and efficiently for additional processing or packaging.

You need systems that are:

  • Accurate, with little giveaway;
  • Efficient to run, with little downtime and low operational costs;
  • Highly automated, minimizing the need for manual labour;
  • Flexible, so you can change layout and package format quickly and easily;
  • Hygienic and adhering to food safety requirements;
  • Seamlessly connected to the other steps in your production line.

SF Engineering are currently developing a new range of graders.

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