In-Line Grading

Portio In Line with Grader


Classic In-Line Graders are ideal for Meat, Fish & Poultry products. The modular concept allows for a custom built solution designed to fulfil the given production requirements. Various infeed, seperators and outfeeds can be selected to maximise the efficiency of the line, for example:


Grading After Portioning

If a portion cutter is used to optimise the yield of the product, you will inevitably have different sized portions leaving the machine. Grading after portion can be done in two ways. You can either choose to have the Portioner decide which gate a portion goes to, or you can opt for a complete separation, weighing and grading line.

In the fist case we grade with retractable belts, as in many cases we don’t need to accelerate the product. In the second case, acceleration is necessary to guarantee separation before weighing.


Poultry Grading

Whole birds can be scanned to determine the quality which will establish if the bird will be cut up into parts or processed as a whole bird. Whether the birds are already in a bag, tied up or loose, the grader will accurately grade at high speed.

Cut up poultry can come through at a speed of 450pcs per minute. With each cut up part having a dedicated in-feed system, the graders will process at high accuracy, during optimal speed with little or no human manipulation.

Seafood Grading

Yield and speed are the most important factors for the salmon processing industry. the graders can divide the fish flow into different sizes, quantities or even species. At the end of the line the packing can be done into tubs, boxes or bags, depending on the need. Intelligent batching is available on all machines to minimise give-away or excess weight.

Oysters have many different shapes, sizes and weights. To analyse the shape/volume, the system is fitted with the Marelec V3. The V3 camera can work together with the weighing unit to separate different shapes in combination with weight. This gives an added value to the product.


Benefits of the system

  • Modular concept
  • High precision
  • High capacity
  • Low noise
  • Open structure, designed for fast & intensive cleaning
  • Push arms for high speed grading or catching arms for optimum product protection
  • Low maintenance
  • Remote services



  • Dimensions: 50mm – 2000mm long / 100mm – 800mm wide
  • Range: 10g – 20kg
  • Accuracy: as from 0.3grams
  • Speed: 30 – 180pcs / minute
  • 999 programs in memory



  • Various Infeed systems
  • Various separation methods
  • Various output options, including tables & take away conveyor options
  • Label printers


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