Marelec Outperforms Competition In Red Meat Trials

Portio 3A


Yield is one of the most important features of a Portioning Machine and a higher yield means more revenue for customers. But how great is the yield achieved with the Portio? These are the results of a trial carried out by Marelec, comparing the Portio with a leading competitors machine. The trial was carried out on top sirloin, striploin, ribeye and tenderloin. The results are as follows:

Top Sirloin

Initially, Marelec had 5% more yield. Then the competitor claimed that the Marelec grader was not weighing correctly. Marelec insisted that the customer user a check weigher. The result was that Marelec outperformed the competitor two days in a row with 8% more yield. If the sales price for the premium product is $ 20/kg and for the minced product $ 10/kg, 8% more yield on a daily run of 1000 kg, means $ 800 more daily turnover!




With striploin, the competitor outperformed Marelec by 3%. The customer did a check weighing as well, which reduced the difference to 1.5%. This test was done on 20 primals only, after 5 pieces were used for setting up the machine.


Rib eye

This was a more limited test. Marelec’s Portio had a yield of 83.2%, while the competitor only had a yield of 78.4%. Therefore Marelec outperformed the competitor with 5% more yield.


This was also a more limited test and Marelec, again, outperformed the competitor with 3.5% more yield. The Marelec Portio had a yield of 90%, while the competitor’s was 86.5%.



After the tests performed on the Marelec Portio 3 versus the competitor, we can conclude that Marelec generally won on yield, which stands for a gain of $ 1,530 per day of production. If you take into account that there are 250 production days a year, the Marelec Portio gives $ 382,500 more profit in one year!

The Additional Benefits

We only have talked about yield, but there are some other facts that need attention:

  • There is less products which need to be prepared by butchers to reach the same weight of finished steaks. This gain in time goes together with the yield, so 8% gain in yield means 8% less preparation time.
  • The Portio 3 does not need to have parts dismantled before sanitization. This gained another 40 minutes a day during the tests.
  • The competitor does not have an automatic separation system, which means that there is an extra operator needed to separate products before grading them.

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