• Fillet Trimming Station

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    • Open tubular construction allows for each access to all parts of the trimming station
    • 304 grade stainless steel construction
    • Easy cleaning access
    • Minimal maintenance required


    • Helps operators identify bone and contaminants in food products
    • Cleaning times can be reduced by 40%
    • Minimizes cost of ownership

    The Fillet Trimming Station (FTS 450) is designed to ergonomically assist trimmers in detecting bone and contaminants in food products. The product is transported to the operators on a conveyor at 850mm high. The products are then taken from the conveyor and placed on a trimming board, which is illuminated with an 18kw light. The light helps highlight any foreign bodies and pieces of bone, which then enables the operator to trim the product correctly. The trims are scraped into a slot in the cutting board, onto a collection crate and then the trimmed product is placed on a takeaway conveyor at 1100mm for further processing. The equipment is designed for use within a hygienic food production area where reliability and ease of cleaning is a necessity. The conveyors are designed using components that have been tried and tested in harsh production environments. Through collaborating with our suppliers we have designed superior performing conveyor systems with easy to clean features to ensure that the cost of ownership for the end user is minimised

    Technical Specifications

    • 304 grade stainless steel construction
    • 60mm tubular spine or folded panel
    • PE 1000 plastic wear components
    • Intralox modular belting
    • Lenze motor and gearbox
    • PE 1000 trimming boards
    • 850mm high infeed conveyor
    • Stainless steel control panel
    • Variable speed control
    • Wash down mode on control panel

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