• High Care Multi-head Weigher Platform

    High Care Multi-head Weigher Platformbutton_datasheet


    • Designed to suit low-care application where regular wash down is not required
    • Decking has built in slope to avoid water pooling
    • 304 grade stainless steel construction
    • Easy cleaning access


    • Support high-speed accurate weighing lines
    • Improves accuracy of weigher
    • Helps achieve low givewaway

    Designed to support the Ishida range of Multihead Weighers, allowing operator access to the product feed location for maintenance and cleaning on the Multihead Weigher. The platform is designed to reduce vibrations through the Multihead Weigher, which improves the accuracy of the weigher and therefore reduces product giveaway. The importance of having an accurate weigher to reduce your product giveaway is essential within an increasingly competitive market place.

    Investing in the correct specification gantry is essential when installing high speed accurate weighing lines to ensure your production lines can achieve the maximum efficiencies and throughput while maintaining a low giveaway

    Technical Specifications

    • 304 grade stainless steel construction
    • 60mm tubular spine or folded panel
    • PE 1000 plastic wear components
    • Intralox modular belting
    • Lenze motor and gearbox
    • PE 1000 trimming boards

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