• Servo Retracting Conveyors


    • Continuous cyclic operation
    • Retracts as the belt is running
    • Programmable servo driven stroke
    • Robust construction
    • Belts can be intralox modular link belt or stainless steel wire mesh belt
    • Purpose built to suit location


    • Easy to Clean
    • Low maintenance

    The SF servo retracting conveyor is designed to continually distribute product onto rows on a take away conveyor.
    Quick retraction of the belt out from under the product ensures that product remains the right way up as it is transferred to the take away belt.
    Rack and pinion servo drive chain ensures zero backlash for accuracy and minimal noise.
    Retraction mechanism is servo driven so the velocity profile and stroke end points are programmable. This means that the motion can be optimized to different products as required.
    Wire mesh belt allows wash through cleaning. In the case of modular belt, cleaning slots allow easy access for cleaning. Can be mounted on quick jack up wheels for moving.
    This contributes to ease of access for cleaning at end of shift and to the overall reduction in wash down time and water consumption during the end of shift wash down process.
    The modular belt design affords easy to access replacement parts, enabling the maintenance staff to easily complete scheduled maintenance, preventing costly production downtime.

    Technical Specifications


    LengthDesigned to suit location
    WidthTypically 300mm to 1200mm wide but can be made to suit application
    HeightTypically 900mm high


    MaterialAISI 304 stainless steel PE500 plastic and polycarbonate
    Side panels5mm folded plate
    Leg Frames40×40 box section with height adjustment on feet
    Motor TypeLenze right angle gearbox and motor
    Servo Motor type Allen Bradley
    Servo Gearbox type Alpha Gear Heads


    ThroughputDepends on product
    Belt speed5 – 50 m/min depending on application
    Retractions per minuteUp to 50


    Raw MaterialTypically burgers or flat product
    Raw Material SizeAny size but 70mm plus for maintaining product orientation
    Raw Material WeightAnything


    InterfaceCustomisable HMI
    Control Panel
    • Stainless steel enclosure
    • Variable speed drive
    • 4V AC control circuit
    • Category 2 e stop circuit
    • 1 home sensor and 2 over run sensors
    • Adjustable product sensor on outfeed to trigger retractions
    • Top guard safety switch

    Servo Retracting Conveyors Options: Download Here

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