SF Kebab Assembly Line

SF Kebab Assembly Line


Achieve Authentic Homemade Looking Kebabs

The SF Kebab Assembly Line offers a lower cost solution compared to some fully automated machines, for the production of authentic homemade looking kebabs.

Suitable for:

Meat / Fish / Poultry / Vegetable / Fruit

Pace Line Principle

The speed of the SF Kebab Assembly Line is controlled by the operator feeding the skewers on to the line and works on the labour effective Pace Line principle – as the upright skewers pass down the line on the belt, each assembly operator adds an ingredient as the skewer passes them. Racks for holding ½ Gastro Pans of ingredients are located along the entire length of the assembly operator station – with each operator responsible for 2 pans.

Flexible Operation

The variable speed of the SF Kebab Assembly Line allows operators to optimise labour and throughput whilst the ability to remove the safety rail & skewer holders allows the line to be used as a standard conveyor according to seasonal requirement.

Benefits of the SF Kebab Assembly Line

  • Products have an authentic home-made look.
  • Labour can be optimised by adjusting line speed.
  • Safety rails and pull cords keep operators safe.
  • The whole line is easy to clean.
  • Flexible operation to accommodate seasonal requirement as the line transforms into a standard conveyor.

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