• Inspections Conveyors

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    • Available Panel Construction
    • Purpose built to suit any location
    • Custom Size Feed Hopper
    • Legs Customized to suit any Workspace
    • Right Angled Motor-Gearbox
    • Fixed Legs/Castors
    • Laser Cut Panels
    • Plastics cut on CNC Router
    • 40mm PVC Rollers
    • Stainless Steel Hollow Pin Chain & Sprockets
    • Machined Plastic Guides
    • Adjustable Tension Idle End
    • Cleaning Slots


    • Easy to Clean
    • Easy to maintain

    The SF Inspection Conveyor is comprised of PVC rollers with inner bearings which are fastened to hollow pin chain. The chain which is driven at the sprocket by a right angled gearbox pulls the rollers causing them to move forward while rotating in the opposite direction. This allows the product to be moved from the start to the end of the conveyor while rotating enabling the line operators to inspect the product passing by for any imperfections and gives them the opportunity to remove these items before they pass further on down the line.

    All components of the inspection conveyor are of the highest food grade standard with replacement or spare components available upon request. The design of the conveyor is as open as possible to reduce washdown time.

    Technical Specifications


    LengthDesigned to suit location
    Belt WidthTypically 550mm wide but can be made to suit application
    HeightTypically 900mm


    MaterialAISI 304 stainless steel and PE500 plastic
    Motor typeLenze right angle gearbox and motor
    CleaningNormal procedures with foam and detergents are recommended

    Inspections Conveyors Options: Download Here

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