• Packing Stations

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    • Robust construction
    • Belts Intralox modular link belt
    • Purpose built to suit location


    • Easy to Clean
    • Easy to maintain

    The packing stations are designed to ergonomically assist packers to pack food products into cases in an efficient manner. The product is transported to the operators on a conveyor at 1200mm high. The product is then taken from the conveyor and placed into the outer cases or crates which are placed on the packing tables. The outer cases are then pushed forward onto the case take away conveyor at 750mm high and the cases are transported for further processing. An empty case shelf is mounted at 1600mm high to store empty boxes. The equipment is designed for use within a hygienic food production area where reliability and ease of cleaning is a necessity. The conveyors are designed using components that have been proven to last in a 24/7 production environment.

    By collaborating with our suppliers we have designed superior performing conveyor systems with easy to clean features to ensure that the cost of ownership for the end user is minimised

    Technical Specifications


    LengthDesigned to suit location
    WidthTypically 450mm wide but can be made to suit application
    HeightTypically 800 and 1200 high or 700 1100 and 1500 but will depend on application


    MaterialAISI 304 stainless steel PE500 plastic and polycarbonate
    Side panels2.5mm folded panel
    Leg Frames40×40 box section with height adjustment on feet
    Packing Tables/td>PE500 25mm thick or Stainless steel
    Motor typeLenze right angle gearbox and motor


    ThroughputDepends on product
    Belt speed5 – 50 m/min depending on application


    Raw MaterialTypically burgers or flat product
    Raw Material SizeAny size but 70mm plus for maintaining product orientation
    Raw Material WeightAnything

    Packing Station Options: Download Here

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