• Ishida QX 1100 Tray Sealer

    Ishida QX110 Tray Sealer


    • High-speed – The QX-1100 Seals 200 trays per minute. The intelligent machine control includes auto set features along with complete servo driven motions for accurate and consistent tray handling at high speeds up to 15 cycles per minute (with MAP*) to maximise product throughput.
    • Hygienic design – The QX-1100 open design allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance. In particular, self-draining curved surfaces, the absence of exposed cables or motors and easy-to-remove belts and conveyors allow a fast and comprehensive washdown. Quick-release features along with automated tool changing minimise the time required for product changeovers.
    • Full control and monitoring of MAP atmosphere
    • Compact footprint further increases Return on Floorspace (RoF)
    • Efficient tool design reduces air and gas consumption


    • Quick Changeovers – The machine is designed with quick and easy changeovers in mind. Operators can easily change films and sealing tools using automatic and quick release features. A quick and comprehensive washdown is achieved through the quick release conveyors and self draining design.
    • Lighter tool design and ‘reduced manual handling’ system speeds up tool changeovers
    • Easy to use – User-friendly single interface makes operators more productive
    • Low maintenance – Reduced downtime, owing to self-draining, easy-to-clean design

    Ishida has launched the new generation of its market-leading QX-1100 tray sealer combined with a brand new concept for the market. The new range offers both single lane and high capacity twin lane models along with the new split dual lane machine which has the capability to operate two independent lanes at different speeds, enabling companies to run two separate tray sizes, pack weights or products at the same time in one machine footprint.
    Ishida’s revolutionary new tray sealer offers the flexibility of an easy-tool-change machine but at speeds previously only achieved with the less flexible, platen-type sealer. It also offers exceptional control of both seal and atmosphere to deliver the highest possible quality, with maximum appeal to consumer and retailer

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