THS/FFV – Integrated System with Ejection Valve



    • Very High Detection Sensitivity for all metal contaminants, magnetic and non-magnetic, including stainless steel
    • Ejection speed and accuracy, with the minimum amount of rejected product
    • Full compliance with HACCP criteria
    • Pipe in antistatic material, certified for contact with food products
    • Body and metal components entirely of stainless steel


    • Easy to clean and inspect
    • High level of electronic and mechanical reliability
    • Minimum Installation Space required

    The THS/FFV integrated system is especially designed for the inspection of powder and granular products and the elimination of any contaminating metals, whether magnetic or non-magnetic.
    The digital analysis of the signal provided by the antenna (D.S.P.) allows the user to achieve extremely high sensitivity, immunity to interference and operational stability.
    The materials used in construction, which conform to FDA Regulations, do not interact with food products, and therefore do not alter or modify their composition.
    The extremely high detection speed of the THS/FFV allows elimination of the contaminated portion of product without slowing down production flow and with the minimum amount of waste.
    The structure, equipped with castors, provides ease of installation and maintenance.

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