THS/PLV – Pipeline Metal Detector With Ejection Valves




    • Very High Detection Sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel
    • Full compliance with HACCP criteria
    • Standard pipe sizes available to suit all applications
    • Fast acting reject device for a limited quantity of rejected product
    • Completely housed in AISI 316L Stainless Steel


    • Easy to clean and inspect
    • Minimum Installation Space required
    • Very High Reliability
    • Maximum Operator Safety

    The THS/PLV is a compact integrated system designed for metal contaminant detection and elimination in products transported by pipeline especially meat, soup and preserves.

    The D.S.P. Digital Signal Processing of the Metal Detector Antenna signals allows a very high degree of sensitivity to be obtained for all metals.

    The carefully-selected materials used in construction do not interact with food products, and thus do not modify or alter their composition. The design of these systems incorporates a fast response time to drive the reject valve and to detect and reject the contaminant without slowing down the product flow.

    The construction guarantees quick, easy cleaning of the components that are in contact with the product. The technological choices made by CEIA allow the parts in contact with the product to be disassembled and maintained in a short time. THS/PLV system can be linked to local computer networks via a RS-485 interface.

    The THS/PLV System operates in Fail-Safe Mode, thus avoiding the risk of contaminants passing through even when the system is deactivated or when the electrical power supply is interrupted.

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