• Seal Tester

    Seal Testers from Ishida

    Ishida Seal Tester


    • High speeds
    • Highly accurate leak detection
    • Excellent pitch control guarantees stable flow of packs Simple set-up, operation and changeover
    • Wide range of pack integrity-enhancing options
    • Non-destructive process (failed pack contents can be recycled)


    • Productivity – seal testing can be carried out at high speeds
    • Reliable – the system is robust and highly reliable

    Seal Testers check for leaks from bags or trays while they are processed on packing lines. SF Engineering is a preferred partner of Ishida, a leading provider of food processing systems including high quality Seal Testers.
    Ishida offers reliable, sensitive detection of leaks for both bags and trays on high speed packing lines. Advanced servomotor control minimises vibration of the testing plate and ensures that contact with the pack is optimal, allowing maximum dwell time for greater leak detection accuracy.
    Our seal testers for bagged products can handle bags of a wide range of materials, up to 80mm thick and 300mm wide. They can detect pinholes of 3mm at speeds of up to 200bpm (bags per minute). Special brushes smooth the bags before testing to further optimise plate contact. Combination with Ishida checkweighers, often with integrated metal detection, can create comprehensive pre-casepacking Quality Control centres.
    Tray leaks are an important cause of contamination and of returns from retailers. Ishida tray seal testers offer an unsurpassed level of reliability across a wide variety of tray types, materials and sizes. A 1mm hole can be detected at up to 140bpm. Here, too, a variety of options can help maintain high levels of pack integrity. These include Ishida Vision Systems to check that your trays carry the correct labels, correctly orientated and applied, with the correct overprinted information and codes.

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