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    Hygiene and Food Safety are critical issues for the food processing industry. The two key elements are prevention and detection – preventing contaminants entering your processing line and detecting any contaminants that may have inadvertently entered the process. SF Engineering partners with Ishida to provide high quality X-Ray systems that are designed specifically for the food industry. These systems help you quickly identify foreign bodies and product defects and do this at high speed so you achieve maximum productivity in your processing lines.

    Ishida maintains its position as industry leader with the IX Series – top-of-the-range X-ray inspection systems that can detect foreign bodies of the lowest densities, greatly outperforming more conventional models on the market.

    The IX Series is unique in the industry for using Ishida-patented “Genetic Algorithms” (GA) in its image processing technology. Fully adaptable to your specific applications, GA will ensure a thorough inspection of your product for the full spectrum of foreign bodies at unrivalled sensitivity levels.


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    IX-G2 Series


    This next generation model is capable of detecting the smallest of foreign bodies by combining a dual energy sensor with GA technology.

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    IX-GN Series


    7-stage image analysis enables this model to perform high-sensitivity detection of the widest range of foreign matter.

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    IX-EN Series


    Our cost-effective X-ray inspection system provides excellent detection sensitivity based on GA technology.

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    ish.2013.033 Side Beam Xray- IX-GA-B3043


    Side Beam X-Ray


    Highest level of inspection performance for bottled products, tetra packs, cartons and pouches.

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