• IX-G2-2427-4027

    Ishida’s second generation X-ray inspection system achieves superior performance






    The specialist, high-performance model, IX-G2 is a dual energy system that combines vigorous X-ray technology with our experience of food safety and quality requirements. This system can easily distinguish foreign bodies from the product, even with the most difficult applications.



    The dual energy function offers exceptional performance where the product effect can cause a problem. This makes it ideal for testing:

    • Foods where the densities of the product and the potential foreign bodies are similar. For example, the bone and meat of a chicken, which complicates the process of detecting bones in chicken portions or pieces.
    • Products that are overlapped in a pack or bag, where a possible contaminant may be obscured by product pieces, for example, in bags of frozen chicken nuggets or sausages.

    In addition, the dual energy system offers all of the other detection capabilities of an Ishida X-ray inspection system, including missing pieces, product deformation and weight estimation.




    Ishida’s G2 offers: superior brand protection and quality control; our state of the art energy analysis offers supreme detection sensitivity. The advanced G2 performs to the highest accuracy, efficiency and reliability to deliver a sustainable return on investment. Ishida is a well respected leading edge X-Ray Manufacturer with well over a century of food industry experience resulting in a very large global installed product base.

    An IX-G2-2427/4027 ray inspection system protects your business in four important ways

    Detecting the full range of contaminants

    • The G2 technology enables higher detection rates for calcified bones, stones, shells and or course metals, glass, and dense plastics like rubber, improving the accuracy with which contaminants can be found, especially soft contaminates where the products can overlap.


    Simple operation, low maintenance

    • Operation, via a 17” colour touchscreen, is extremely intuitive
      resulting in easy to learn and use, saving time in training and day today operation. Settings can be automatically optimised and routine recalibration is not required, removing the need to stop the machine reducing production downtime. The system is designed to speed up product changeovers by facilitating rapid tool less cleaning, while the sealed construction of its vital parts resists dust and moisture, ensuring long-term accuracy, reliability and reducing operational costs.

    Quality Control

    • Simultaneously check for fill level, missing items, damaged products, weight estimation and package integrity to protect your brand reputation and increase customer satisfaction

    Linking seamlessly into your data systems

    • The IX-G2 system provides you with secure data integrity as all records can be easily retrieved. Peace of mind is also important particularly with regard to the storage of data, operational logs and images all of which are automatically stored with a date/ time stamp making the auditing process easier. All data can be saved and is accessible using standard PC applications. The system has an Ethernet option for integration into your enterprise wide quality and traceability systems.



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