• IX-GA X-Ray Inspection System

    IXGA xray
    IX-GA-4075 showing protection curtains PR shot

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    • Detects potential contaminants at very low levels
    • Identifies a wide range of product defects
    • Provides a useful way of monitoring piece and product weight
    • All X-ray inspection results and logs are securely stored and accessible
    • X-Ray output level can be readily monitored, eliminating machine error
    • Products are unaffected by X-ray inspection (little X-ray absorption)
    • ‘Rejection at start-up’ feature helps ensure that no product is over-exposed to X-ray
    • X-Ray output is contained within the inspection tunnel: any breach or intrusion instantly halts all emissions


    • Operation is simple, quick and easy to learn
    • Reliable – closed construction enables long-term, accurate operation in damp or dusty conditions
    • Hygienic construction makes cleaning easy and speeds up product changeovers

    Ishida X-Ray inspection can be used at any stage in your production process to tell you with the greatest accuracy and reliability when foreign bodies are contaminating your product, helping you and your customers to avoid the health and legal problems that might otherwise result.
    Of equal importance to your brand, X-ray inspection can detect product defects ranging from misshapen pieces to cracks, lumps or voids. X-ray inspection, on both food and non-food products, can also be applied to checking product or piece weights of products.

    An IX-GA X-ray inspection system protects your business in three important ways


    • The X-ray Inspection System detects potential contaminants at very low levelsThe range of contaminants detected by an Ishida IX-GA X-Ray inspection system includes metal, glass, bone, shell, grit, plastic and hard rubber. The X-ray inspection system will pick these up at low levels, and the operator can further increase its sensitivity to expected contaminants thanks to the unique Ishida Genetic Algorithm facility.


    • Provides a useful way of monitoring piece and product weightThe software of the X-ray inspection system enables it to calculate the mass (M) of all or part of a food or non food product by making use of volume (V) and density (D) information from each scan (M = DV). IX-GA automatically calibrates itself by reference to a known ‘good’ product that has been passed through the X-ray system.
    • The X-ray inspection system is particularly effective in detecting bone fragments in, for example, chicken or pork.Identifies a wide range of product defects
      The following are some typical applications in which the Ishida IX-GA X-ray inspection system can detect product integrity problems.

    Why you and your product can rely on an IX-GA X-ray Inspection system

    All inspection results and logs securely stored and accessible

    Operation logs and all data, including NG images, are automatically stored to disk with time stamps, for traceability and tracking purposes. They can also be saved to a CF card, even during operation. The IX-GA X-ray inspection system has an Ethernet option, for connection to local area networks, and all data can be opened with standard PC applications.

    Advanced masking capability reduces false alarms

    The IX-GA X-ray inspection system can be programmed to ignore items that form part of the packaging, such as metal clips.

    Closed construction enables ongoing, accurate operation in damp or dusty conditions

    By eliminating intake and outlet ducts from the IX-GA X-ray Inspection system, Ishida have achieved a completely closed design. A special cooling system prevents internal condensation. The X-ray Inspection System, takes 24-hour operation under harsh factory conditions in its stride.

    X-Ray output level can be readily monitored to eliminate machine error

    The possibility of a sudden X-ray machine error distorting data is greatly reduced by having a display of X-ray output continuously available to the operator.

    Product unaffected by inspection (little X-ray absorption)

    X-Ray absorption by the inspected product is well below 0.1 Gray Unit (Gy), many times less than that needed to induce any change or denaturation.

    ‘Rejection at start-up’ system helps ensure that no product is over-exposed

    A special safety feature ensures that no product that was in the X-ray inspection chamber at start up is allowed to proceed.

    Ishida IX-GA, X-ray Inspection System: safer and simpler for your operators

    X-Ray emissions are kept within the X-ray inspection tunnel: any breach or intrusion instantly halts all output

    X-Ray emission takes place only within the inspection tunnel, isolated from the outside world. A high-visibility signal light warns when exposure is in progress and a safety interlock halts all X-ray output if a curtain or conveyor is out of place or if an operator’s hand is inserted.

    Apart from in the inspection tunnel during exposure, X-ray emissions are under 1 μSv/h in all parts of the system.

    Operation is simple, quick and easy to learn

    Simple to read and use, the IX-GA X-ray Inspection system touchscreen interface minimizes training costs. In operation, it reduces downtime in many ways:

    • Ready to go in under 90 seconds from X-ray machine power-up
    • Product presets can be changed without stopping production
    • Inspection settings automatically optimised by passing product through 2-3 times
    • Routine calibration not needed

    Hygienic construction makes cleaning easy and speeds up product changeovers

    The design of the IX-GA X-ray Inspection System facilitates cleaning and simplifies product changeovers:

    • Overall system conforms to IP65
    • Conveyor chamber conforms to IP66 (suitable for high pressure washdown)
    • No tools required for conveyor removal/replacement

    How Ishida X-Ray inspection works

    An X-ray beam passes through product and conveyor and hits a line sensor (fig.1), which uses the transmitted radiation to produce electronic signals. An image processing system generates images and, using Ishida’s exclusive 5-level processing software, reveals any contamination or product defects (fig. 2).


    Making more from less: Ishida’s GA (Genetic Algorithm) evolutionary image processing

    X-Ray image processing can be specially set up to detect known, expected impurities at very low levels. With earlier systems this demanded special expertise and considerable lead times for each potential contaminant.

    With Ishida’s original GA evolutionary image processing, your own X-ray inspection system operator can rapidly and automatically generate the optimal sensitivity settings, achieving the image qualities demonstrated here.

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