• Sidebeam Xray

    ish.2013.033 Side Beam Xray- IX-GA-B3043


    • The sealed conveyor chamber ensures safe operation without the need for protective curtains
    • Stainless steel construction, with an open framework for easy cleaning
    • Conforms to HACCP requirements


    • Operation is simple, quick and easy to learn
    • Reliable – closed construction enables long-term, accurate operation in damp or dusty conditions
    • Hygienic construction makes cleaning easy and speeds up product changeovers
    • Use of the IX-GE-B3034 demonstrates due diligence to customers
    • Avoids the high cost implications of product recalls

    The new Ishida IX-GE-B3034 provides stringent food safety monitoring to deliver valuable brand protection for manufacturers, reducing the negative implications and high costs of customer complaints and product recalls. Uniquely the machine takes product off existing conveyors and returns it after inspection, meaning it can be easily integrated into current production layouts with minimal disruption.

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