• Multihead Weighing

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    • Speeds of up to 200 wpm on a 14-head single-discharge weighing machine
    • 16-, 20- and 24-head models proportionately faster
    • Reductions in product giveaway of up to 0.5%
    • Simpler sharing of software, presets and other data across weighing machines and sites


    • Improved efficiency: ‘missed cycles’ virtually eliminated
    • Easier, faster operator training, with improved ‘Assistant’ and Help functions and on-screen manuals and tutorials.
    • Greater ease of networking/integration (Windows XP®-based platform)

    R-Series Multihead Weighers
    With the development of the new R-Series, Ishida offers you the world’s fastest and most accurate multihead weighers. Their new, rapid combination calculation system delivers higher speeds and increased efficiency. It also means significantly greater accuracy, enabling these Ishida weighing machines to break new ground in reducing product giveaway.

    RS multiheadweigher


    • Improved weighing accuracy means more packs per kg of product
    • Self-tuning vibration system optimises product flow
    • Optimise your application with a range of ‘bolt-on’ options


    • Quicker, simpler training and use, with easy-to-learn operator interface
    • Simple, tool-free cleaning cuts weighing machine downtime
    • Fast calculation time delivers more packs per shift

    RS Series Multihead Weighers
    Ishida’s new range of hardworking multihead weighers represents outstanding value, with accuracy and speed that easily outclass most ‘top-of-the-range’ competitor weighing machine models. Benefit from recent technological advances, including a new, extra-fast combination calculation system, as well as the legendary reliability of Ishida engineering.

    SE Series Multihead Weighers


    • Reductions in waste and giveaway
    • Pre-set parameters


    • Simple set-up and operation
    • Minimal downtime for cleaning and maintenance
    • Improved productivity and efficiency
    • Rapid return on investment.

    SE Series Multihead Weighers
    SE multihead weighers are entry-level weighing machines. Typically used for dry applications including snacks, confectionery, biscuits and pasta, these machines deliver automated weighing, increased operating speeds and reliability.


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