• Fruit & Veg

    Fruit and VegThe Fruit and Vegetable industry has particular requirements for food handling and packaging. As a producer in this industry you have 3 key priorities:

    • Delivering fresh, high quality products to the supermarket shelf and end-consumer;
    • Ensuring the Food Safety of your products;
    • Running a cost efficient production system.

    You have particular requirements such as:

    • Frequent changes to pack size and format,
    • The need for high speed production with minimal waste,
    • Avoiding bruising or damaging fresh produce and
    • The prevention of sticking and clinging of sliced fruits and salads.

    SF Engineering provides high quality production line solutions for fruit and vegetable suppliers across Europe. Our systems are reliable, easy to operate and efficient. Apart from our own excellent proprietary systems we also supply and install systems from Ishida , Ceia and other leading partners in food processing technology.

    Find out more about the systems we provide for these key production processes:

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