• Confectionery

    ConfectionaryConfectionery includes the production of a broad range of sweets and chocolate products.

    Most confectionery producers have 3 key priorities:

    • Delivering high quality, attractively packaged products to the supermarket shelf and end-consumer;
    • Ensuring the Food Safety of your products;
    • Running a cost efficient production system.

    You cannot compromise on food safety, and your customers demand high quality products. At the same time you operate in one of the world’s most competitive industries – you have to minimize waste, inefficiency and downtime.

    SF Engineering provides high quality production line solutions for confectionery producers across Europe. Our systems are reliable, easy to operate and efficient. Apart from our own excellent proprietary systems we also supply and install systems from Ishida, Ceia and other leading partners in food processing technology.

    Learn about the systems we provide for Confectionery producers by clicking on the links below:

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