• SF Remote Support Cloud

    Response time is a top priority for our Service team. Being able to remotely diagnose problematic machines, or assist with urgent programme changes is paramount if we want to respond quickly to our customer’s requirements.

    The SF Remote Support Cloud allows our Service team to react immediately to problems that arise. By remotely dialing into your machine, it will not only save you valuable time it also reduces service support costs.

    Retrofitting to existing machines

    The SF Remote Support Cloud can easily be retrofitted to existing machines. Our service team will ship a pre-configured device to your factory ready for your engineers to place inside your main panel. Simply connect the eWon to a 24Vdc power supply, an open internet connection and your machine. Once this is done our Service Engineers can dial in remotely and provide critical diagnostic and programming support when you need it.

    Security is a priority

    Through investment in the Talk2M VPN Cloud Network we are able to ensure a “Layered security approach”. Meaning that when you require remote access from our Service Engineers you can be comfortable in the knowledge that SF Support Cloud will safeguard information integrity and confidentiality in a secure reliable manner.

    Continuous Monitoring

    The eWon VPN devices are monitored 24/7, so if your system goes off-line for more than 3 hours, an automatic email is sent reporting the off-line status. When this system is used in conjunction with our Remote Support Service Level Agreement, you have peace of mind that response time is reduced and machine downtime is lessened.

    Benefits of the SF Remote Support Cloud

    • Troubleshoot machines without going on-site
    • Re-programme machinery remotely
    • Improve customer responsiveness
    • Increase machine up-time
    • Reduce service support costs

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