Are you running the risk of unexpected downtime
due to unserviceable legacy machinery?

Did you know if you Scrap your old portioner now,
you will get €15,000 towards the
cost of a new PORTIO with SF Engineering?

The SF Scrappage Incentive is a direct response to our customers' most commonly
reported pain points - out-dated unserviceable legacy machinery.

This 6-month incentive enables you to replace old machinery with new technology, helping you boost production in an affordable way.

Upgrade to an Intelligent Portioner

The PORTIO is a high precision yet economic portion cutting machine, suited to fresh products such as meat, fish and poultry. The PORTIO combines unmatched accuracy with super-fast cutting capabilities, offering fixed weight and fixed thickness portioning.

This supremely productive piece of machinery can do the work of 6 manual workers when operated at capacity. It works in tandem with custom-designed software, resulting in cutting accuracy more precise than ever before.

What are the benefits of the PORTIO

  • Pre-programmed calibration enables you to switch product setup in seconds.
  • Specialised programmes ensure the best decision is made prior to cutting.
  • Adjust programmes swiftly to find optimum yields.
  • The Portio intelligently decides the best possible cutting pattern to minimise by-products.
  • Capable of 1000 fixed weight cuts per minute.

In red meat trials the PORTIO achieved 8% greater yield.

Suitable for the portioning of whole or filleted salmon.

Simply adjust the angle of the knife for more natural looking poultry portioning.

Developments in technology, regulation and concerns around labour requirements are putting growing pressure on food businesses. Investment in production and capex are key drivers for growth because automation brings increased production output, improvements in product quality and reduction in waste. It also helps solve skills and labour shortage, allowing the workforce to focus on areas where it would add more value.

Dual lane machines achieve the highest possible throuthput per square meter.

The clean in place system and open structure reduces cleaning times and reduces water useage.

Optional extras include: infeed weigher, product holders, retractable outfeeds and graders to optimise yield.

8 out of 10 PORTIO demonstrations result in a sale

You can see the PORTIO in action for yourself on Marelec's stand at the following international shows.

Hall 6.1 F030

Stand #4-6143


The SF Scrappage Incentive is only available from 1st February - 31st July 2018
And is exclusively for customers in the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland

Do you want to save €15,000 off the cost of a new PORTIO?
Are you ready to trade in your legacy machinery?

The SF Scrappage Incentive is exclusively for companies in the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

To qualify for the incentive and receive €15,000 off a new Marelec PORTIO, simply trade-in your old protioner with SF Engineering before 31st July 2018.

Offer runs from 1st February to 31st July 2018 inclusively.

Full terms and conditions are available on the website