• Tray Packing and Prep Line

    Tray packing & prep

    The SF Tray Packing and Prep Line is an ergonomic solution for dressing and packing numerous added-value meat and poultry products into retail trays.

    It is versatile enough to be built into an existing production line or used as a standalone solution, making it ideal for seasonal product ranges or short production runs. Integrated scales can also be incorporated for products that need to be packed to weight or by count.

    How it works

    Bulk product is fed onto the bottom tier. This can be done automatically from a previous process, tipping from a container or manually by decanting trays of bulk product. As this travels down the line, operators select the required product from the main belt and pull onto their individual operating table.

    The table gives operators the flexibility to trim product or just style into trays, meaning the line can be used for flexible changes or short-run production. If the operator is trimming on the cutting table, any residual waste is dropped down the hole and collected in a bulk tray.

    Retail trays are located on the shelf above the operator, once styled and packed into the tray the operator places the tray between the flights on the top tier belt form which, the trays are fed to the downstream traysealer.

    A double tray holder at the end of the bottom tier conveyor allows for the collection of product that doesn’t get picked. This also allows the line to be used to trim a product and feed to bulk trays.

    Quality you can trust

    As with all our conveying systems, the tray packing and prep line is designed and engineered to be robust enough for life within a meat processing environment. We incorporate covered motors and isolators to ensure longevity in high-care cleaning environments. Belt lifters and an option for UV lights assist with reduced clean down times and improvements in hygiene.

    The benefits of a flexible solution

    • The solution can be manufactured to a configurable length
    • It is designed to accommodate most standard retail trays up to S7
    • The solution can feed into most tray sealing equipment
    • Our ergonomic design allows packers to maximise trimming / packing time as everything comes to them and leaves them via a conveyor
    • Flexibility to change pack and product type and style quickly – idea for short-run added-value production

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