• SF Weigh Station Tables

    SF Weigh Station

    The SF Weigh Station tables are designed for the trimming, preparing and weighing of a wide variety of products. Depending on the requirement, the tables are flexible enough to be used in a wide range of applications, receiving product from bulk boxes or trays or preparing added value meat or poultry products on the side of a production line.

    Used as a trimming table

    The table is perfect to use as a simple trimming station. Incoming product trays are placed at an angle in the tray holder, the operator can take an individual product and prepared it to spec on the cutting table.

    There is an integrated scale to allow trimming to a weight spec and a hole to drop any residual pieces to be collected in a tray mounted underneath

    Added value product trimming & weighing

    The tables can be placed at the side of an existing line. The ingredient to be added can be stored in the angled tray holder, allowing the operator to add this to the main product and place back on the line.

    The weight can be checked and adjusted with the integrated scale and any quality rejects dropped into the collection tray underneath.

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